The Grape Picker

One of the benefits of seeing members work as photographs is the ability to see the detail. Here we can take a close look at The Grape Picker by Teresa.

Teresa has kindly supplied an explanation of the many techniques involved.

The head and body were stump work – stuffed and moulded shapes.

The cotton on the face was dyed in cold tea and the hair embroidered in various shades of brown stranded cotton.

The cap was made from felt.

The hands were florists wire covered in flesh toned stranded cotton.

The Clothes were needle lace and this is them under construction.

The boots were made of leather cloth.

The basket was woven with gimp.

Stumpwork grapes covered in beads.

The branches are wire covered in stranded cotton with blanket stitch.

The leaves are stumpwork covered wire.

The tree trunks and the ground are all surface stitched in random chain stitch seeding etc.

But all of this was constructed on a background of calico. Here seen badly stretched but it shows the underlying structure of the background before the edging was applied.

The background was calico covered in:

Blue organza for the sky – overseen with seeding when the organza had split!

The landscape and border was made from silk rods. The autumn coloured silk rods were split apart, soaked in lukewarm water then ironed flat.  They still retained some gum when cut out and ironed onto the background but some decorative herringbone held the pieces in place.

My thanks to Teresa for sharing this content and images.

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